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A Mediterranean climate, crystal clear blue waters, spectacular landscapes, and the scene of one of Western Australia's most fascinating shipwrecks over 400 years ago, together with some of the State's premier tourist attractions, make the Mid West an unforgettable destination.

The Mid West is a diverse region offering a unique experience for tourists and visitors.

From the vast rugged outback, and the State's premium grain growing region through to the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, home of the succulent Western Rock Lobster.

Geraldton, the regional capital city located on the Batavia Coast, with Kalbarri and spectacular gorges and ecotours and adventures to the north, Dongara, an historical tourist fishing village with farming to the south, heritage listed Northampton, and inland to Mullewa, with its golden waves of wheat and the gateway to the Outback - home of pastoral and mining industries.

Geraldton is a port city with a developing tourism precinct on the waterfront encompassing a world class museum and interpretive centre and marina facilities.

The city boasts restaurants and cafes, an artistic community producing unique Indigenous art and skillfully produced crafts, and a host of watersports including bathing at a protected beach in the warm waters of Champion Bay.

In Geraldton, you can experience four hundred years of maritime history, beginning with the shipwrecked Dutch East India vessel the Batavia, wrecked in 1629 at the Abrolhos Islands.

The Islands also rival the Great Barrier Reef for breathtaking coral reefs and marine life, colonies of birds and land based reptiles.

Marvel at Geraldton's historic buildings or the churches designed and built by internationally famous English priest and architect Monsignor John Hawes.

Sightseeing Opportunities (Half day)

  • Walking tour
  • Winery tour
  • Local history and architectural tour
  • Greenough hamlet

Sightseeing Opportunities (Full day)

  • Kalbarri Gorges
  • Working farm
  • Northampton/Chapman Valley tour
  • Albrolhos Islands tour
  • Dongara and Eneabba Tour.

Working hours

Customs Officers 24 hours
Quarantine Officials 24 hours
Immigration Officials As for Customs

Customs and Immigration

Passenger Manifest Three copies at the first port of call with one copy to Immigration with the passengers card one copy to Customs and the third copy to remain on board the ship.
Embarking Passenger Manifest 3 copies - 1 to Customs 1 to Port 1 stays
Crew Manifest 2 - 1 at first port to Immigration 2nd stays.
Stores List 2 (Aust. Customs Service and Sydney Ports Corporation
Customs Declaration(Ship) 1 (Australian Customs Service)
Customs Declaration(Crew) 2 (Australian Customs Service)
Forms Comments All forms listed above are produced at the first Australian port of call and then one copy of each form travels on board the ship to be produced at subsequent ports.
Customs Declaration(Passengers) One at first Australian port of call only.

Port health

Health Declaration One (pratique) at first Australian port of call only


The following Ground Handlers are CDU members and supply superior ground handling services throughout Australia.


Arrival Departure Restrictions n/a
Tidal Variation 1.2m
Prevailing Currents 0.5 knots N/S at Fairway Buoy
Prevailing Winds n/a
Length of Channel n/a
Depth of Channel n/a
Comments n/a

Depth and breadth of turning basin

Content yet to be finalised.


Shipping Agents:

Shipping agents

The following CDU members offer superior service throughout the region.

Port Operations/Services

Barwil Agencies Oceania
Address 9/189 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone +61 2 9439 7223
24 hour contact +61 416 189 760
Fax +61 2 9439 8587
Services Contact: Greg Coopman.
For details of services see the Barwil entry under Members and Contacts- then scroll down to Shipping Agents.
Beaufort Shipping Agency Company
Address Level 8, 120 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000
  GPO Box 3988, Sydney NSW 2001
Telephone 61 2 9364 8960
24 hour contact +61 411 123 013
Fax +61 2 9364 8999
Website N/A
Services Contact Ian McAllister
For details of services see the Beaufort entry under Members and Contacts- then scroll down to Shipping Agents.
Information on other Shipping Agents can be obtained from the Port Authority (see Port Operator).


Are tugs available yes - 2
Are tugs compulsory n/a
Tug operator`s name n/a
Tug operator`s fax n/a
Ship or tug lines n/a
Tug working hours n/a


Working hours n/a
Port officials
Working hours n/a
Overtime n/a


For details of suitable stevedores, please contact the Shipping Agent




Telephones n/a
How many n/a
Notice required n/a


Fuel Grades n/a
Quay or barge n/a
Suppliers n/a


Fresh Water Yes
Exquay or barge n/a
No of hoses n/a
Capacity per hose/hour n/a
Tonnes per hour guaranteed 40tph
Type of connect n/a
Connect size in inches n/a

Dry garbage

Dry garbage Yes
Barge alongside n/a
Containers available n/a
Size of containers n/a
Number available n/a
Incineration or dump n/a
Facilities to transport n/a

Wet garbage

Wet garbage Yes
Ship or shore pump n/a
Sludge disposal n/a
Sludge details n/a


Port Charges n/a

Repair facilities

Nearest dry dock n/a
Length n/a
Maximum Tonnage n/a
Divers Available n/a
Engineering facilities n/a


Dredging undertaken n/a
Dredging when n/a


Port operator

Name Geraldton Port Authority
Address 289 Marine Terrace, Geraldton, WA, 6530
Telephone tba
Facsimile tba
Web Site n/a
Email Address tba

Berth details

Berth Berths 2- 6
Maximum draft 9.4m
Tidal variation 1.2m
Berth length from 213 to 281m
Guaranteed berthing for cruise ships n/a
Are other ships able to dock n/a
Cargo ships at dock n/a
Security fences n/a

Nearest ports

Australia n/a
Nearest Overseas Port n/a


Terminal facilities

Terminal Building No
Meet and Greet Facilities yes, by arrangement
Toilet Facilities no
Telephones n/a
Availability of Maps and/or Brochures n/a
Souvenir Shopping n/a
Money Exchange n/a
Is the US Dollar Accepted? n/a


Closest Airport to Pier Geraldton
Distance to Airport 15km
Transport to Airport n/a
Can Passengers Walk to Town yes - 2km
Drive Time from Pier to Shuttle Stop 2km
Distance from Pier to Town Centre 2km
Are Shuttle Buses Necessary n/a
Suggested Shuttle Stop in Town n/a
Availability of Taxis at Pier yes
Availability of Public Transport at Pier No
Other Forms of Transport at Pier yes

Tour buses

Distance from Ship to Tour Buses 50m
What is the Normal Coach Capacity 44-51
Are Tour Buses Air Conditioned yes
Are Refreshments Provided on Buses yes
Are Cold Towels Provided on Buses yes
Are Step Stools Provided on Buses yes


Tourism operators in Western Australia: